Technology Prototyping Service

Portfolio of work 2013

The Technology Prototyping Service creates efficiencies in library operations across units and helps libraries roll out new services through design of middleware, APIs and lightweight web-services.

Wayfinding Modules

Additional units added to the Library GPS service. In 2013 we developed maps for Music and Performing Arts Library and began work on a Main Stacks wayfinding database.

I-Wonder Chat Service

In conjunction with work coming out of the Student/Library Collaborative grant, the prototyping service helped develop additional front end chat functionality after gathering user feedback in June 2013. Prototype is being transitioned to production IT early Fall 2013.

Data Visualization

Relying on aggregate circulation data from the CARLI reports server and JQuery visualization libraries we were able to prototype a Trending at the Library page that shows users circulation trends like monthly and yearly circulations, popular titles, and collection distribution by item.

Mobile Room Reservation

Extending the Minrva Web Services we created prototype middleware, an API, and mobile presentation of room reservation in the Undergrad Library.

iOS Location Modules

Student programmers are learning iOS while also helping transition prototypes to the iOS environment. This will allow the wayfinding module to work on iPads and iPhones.

Near Semantic Search

Near Semantic Search allows deeper subject exploration beyond traditional catalog search. Developed and tested in conjuntion with Data Mining researchers in the CS department. Near-semantic search interface is in public beta implementation.

Snapshot Module

The snapshot module is an optical character recognition app that allows a student to take a picture (a snapshot) of an assignment sheet and suggests keywords and book titles that may be useful in completing assignments that use library resources.


In collaboration with partners in CSL we are helping to teach Baxter to read and sort call numbers. This reuses the mobile OCR technology from Snapshot, and call number parsing from the wayfinder module.